Investment Solutions

Investment Solutions are supported by extensive research and systematic processes ensuring optimum strategies for investments based on client’s risk profile and time horizon. Our dedicated team delivers timely and expert recommendations and wealth solutions that maximises client’s financial objectives.

Our strengths

Our dedicated and experienced research team offers

•   Scientific and systematic analysis to identify the sectoral, industry, company trends and  opportunities 

•   Exploring the movements in financial instruments like stocks, bonds and mutual funds for optimal investment                       possibilities

•   Monitoring macroeconomic trends and industry environments.

Finomis Product Suite

Finomis’ comprehensive Product Suite covers various asset classes and offers our client’s.Investment Solutions across all risk spectrums and individual investment objectives as showcased below:

Traditional Products

Mutual Funds

Finomis offers the best in class Mutual Funds after a detailed scientific review process covering both quantitative and qualitative analysis with our research partners.

Fixed Income

At Finomis Fixed Income desk, we fulfil investors’ expectations delivering deals with optimum efficiency. We cover the entire spectrum of market operations from participating in Primary Issues to servicing requirements of buying and selling of Debt securities in secondary markets. With a wide list of affiliates, we get access to a host of Corporate Fixed Deposits and Bonds for our investors. We suggest Short term, medium term to long term options based on clients’ risk profile and time horizon.

Direct Equities, Commodities & Currency

We use the established platforms of Aditya Birla Money to enable our clients to invest directly in Equities, Commodities and Currency. A fully equipped trading platform is available to investors along with comprehensive research support.

Alternate Products

Structured Products

Client portfolios could benefit from our unique market linked structured product offerings. Customized structured products are also available.


Finomis brings on board Portfolio Management Services by the most reputed PMS Providers after an exhaustive Due Diligence which helps the investors to invest in specialized investment strategies that capitalize on opportunities in the market.

VCF/PE Funds

Finomis shortlists latest and differentiated VCF and PE Fund offerings with high potential to generate optimal returns.

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