Finomis Store

FINOMIS STORE offers motivated individuals who strive for excellence, a unique opportunity to join us as a local Partner. FINOMIS STORE is envisaged as a one stop shop solution to all investment and liquidity needs, run by our partners at various locations across India. We nurture the growth of our partners and provide them technical and infrastructural supports required. The Finomis partners are not just entitled to local profit, but they will also be entitled to a stake in Finomis Wealth Management LLP.

Professionals / Experts interested in long term and nearly full time association with Finomis can be inducted as full time partners in Finomis Wealth Solutions LLP. Such partners can operate under the Brand of FINOMIS and will have access to entire services/infrastructure of Finomis Wealth Solutions LLP. Revenue sharing will be linked to Finomis Wealth Solutions LLP’s revenues. We are interested in association with partners across India who can create value for Finomis Wealth Solutions LLP.

Finomis also looks at partners to open MINI Stores at locations where a full-fledged store may not be financially viable.

The value proposition of FINOMIS STORE is as follows:

Referral Partner

Referral Partners having contact with SMEs, corporate and individual investors are one of the main channels for expansion of our business into multiple domains over various geographies. Primarily we aim to tie up with retired employees having extensive work experience in financial organization who can help us in obtaining business leads through their extensive network and contacts known as referral partners. Such referral Partners can enter into a Business Associate Agreement with us. We are open for association with partners across India.

Consulting Partner

Working Professional like CA, CS, Lawyers and subject experts in Manufacturing, Quality, Technology, marketing, HR, Banking etc. who are interested in facilitating our assignments can act as consulting partners for Finomis. FINOMIS would showcase and use their expertise for its clients on case to case basis. These partners can also refer their clients to us for various services thereby co-creation of value can be achieved.

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